I don't know exactly when, how, or why, but one day something came to my attention- there was a whole country and culture living inside my head!

Various characters clammored with each other for my attention, which unfortunatly, confused me to no end and almost caused their destruction.

However! Things got straightened out between them and me, and I got flooded with so much information about them. Currently, they physically exist in a few Word files, drawings, jpgs, and psd's, but most of it is still is up in my brain. I'm working on translating it all out between school, work and other things, which is crazy.

I will be updating this site as often as I can with new information, pictures and stories on my culture.


On a more personal note-

My name is Emma, I'm a college student living in PA, USA. I'm an artist of many intrests, which can get very hectic!

Other places to see me on the net:

DeviantArt: http://www.bornahorse.deviantart.com/

Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/157616/


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